Mduro™ KTM 950 Super Enduro rear brake master guard, Heavy duty, Black Anodized KLR Big Brake Kit
ADVmachines™ Jetting Package PLUS Pre-Filter
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Sale Price: $116.00
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Our Price: $31.00
ADVmachines™ Jetting AND Pre-Filter solution for the 950. The Motominder engine hour meter automatically records and displays your engine’s accumulated run time, so oil changes, piston, rings, valves, spark plugs, etc can be serviced at the correct maintenance schedule.  The correct schedule saves costly engine damage from service neglect, but Motominder can also saves money from servicing too frequently.
ADVmachines™ Jetting Package & Pre-Filter & FlexJet2
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Sale Price: $212.72
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ADVmachines™ Rally Fan Kit
ADVmachines™ Jetting, Pre-Filter AND FlexJet2 solution for the 950