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White T Connector with 2 Female Terminals Basic Plug Right Angle Plug
Basic Plug
Our Price: $7.95
Right Angle Plug
Our Price: $11.95
This connector fits perfectly to the oriented terminals on the rear of the PSO-001. Good for battery chargers, voltmeters - the stuff you use in the garage. NOTE: When replacing an existing cigarette plug, verify that the cigarette plug does not contain a voltage reduction circuit. Low profile plug. NOTE: When replacing an existing cigarette plug, verify that the cigarette plug does not contain a voltage reduction circuit.
Heated Clothing 24" Extension Cable Super Duper Plug Plug to Fit Powerlet And Cigarett Sockets
Super Duper Plug
Our Price: $13.95
Heavy-duty Coax extension cable. Works with all brands of Heated Clothing containing Coax connections Good for heated vest cords, radar detector cables, GPS units, - the stuff you use while riding (includes strain relief & boot). NOTE: When replacing an existing cigarette plug, verify that the cigarette plug does not contain a voltage reduction circuit. Conveniently fits both cigarette & Powerlet socket outlet. Has internal 5A fuse and built in LED. Clamshell design screw terminals. NOTE: When replacing an existing cigarette plug, verify that the cigarette plug does not contain a voltage reduction circuit.
PowerLet to SAE style two prong Battery Tender Charging Cable Basic Plug to SAE 6" Cable Powerlet Low Profile to Coax Female
Plug any battery charger with a SAE two prong connector (Battery Tender or AccuMate) into a Powerlet socket. Works with BMW, KTM, Triumph, Victory, and Ducati motorcycles equipped with a Powerlet type socket. 6" Approximate length. Manufactured with a basic plug (PPL-001) and 18awg wire. Ideal solution to connect a battery charger through a Powerlet socket. Available in 6" 12" 18" 24" and 30" long.

Ideal for powering heated clothing, battery chargers, air compressors and other appliances that have an SAE connector. These cords are designed to reach from a Powerlet 12V outlet into tankbags or saddlebags.
Connects coax heated clothing to a Powerlet (or Powerlet type) socket. 1.5" Cable length. Works great with a panel mounted Powerlet outlet. Fully compatable with Powerlet, Gerbing's, Warm & Safe and other brands of heated clothing with a standard coax connector.
Garmin 4-Pin Round Direct to Battery Harness PowerLet to Coax plugs Low-Profile Powerlet Socket
PowerLet to Coax plugs
Our Price: $24.95
Works with various Garmin models including the Garmin III+, V and Streetpilot requiring Garmin's 4-Pin round connector. Connects direct to battery using a 60" fused harness.

Protect Your GPS
Motorcycles, Snowmobiles and ATV's create a demanding environment for GPS units. The connection to the vehicle electrical system needs to be secure yet have the ability to easily disconnect when required. Designed to not vibrate out, Powerlet cables exceed vibration, size, and current (amperage) requirements while promoting effective cable management. Our engineers make sure the connectors are compatible, fuses are sized correctly and that voltage is properly regulated for safe operation. Powerlet's quality GPS power cables are built to last a lifetime and priced to not break your wallet.

Find My Garmin Cable
Use the Powerlet Garmin Cable Finder to locate the correct Powerlet cable for your Garmin model.
PowerLet plug to dual Coax plug Spring-loaded hinged lid. White-T connector uses 1/4" spade connectors on 9.00" leads. 18mm brass jam nut mounting. Rated at 15 amps, snap-fit and vibration proof. Requires .6875" (11/16") hole and 1.00" behind the panel. Lid measures 1.075" in diam.
Luggage Electric Connector & PAC-002-24 Ext Cable Powerlet to Mini USB with Garmin adaptor EURO spec switch assembly
EURO spec switch assembly
Our Price: $92.89
Includes everything in PTB-001 plus PAC-022-24. Requires external SAE power cable. Patented.

Power Anything!

Ideal for powering cell phones, GPS units, radar detectors, satellite radios, air compressors and other electrical gadgets. The connector can be installed into tankbags, top cases (tourpacks) or saddlebags. Power can come from an SAE battery lead, a Powerlet outlet or from a battery charger SAE lead. Patented.
Works with most appliances that utilize a Mini USB connector. Cable mounted in-line regulator assures the voltage is properly stepped down to 5V. Specify custom length and plug type PPL-002 or PPL-004. Includes PPC-024 adapter for Garmin GPS units.

Powerlet's line of mini-USB power cables are tough, dependable and built for powersport activity. Glove-friendly design insures ease of connection and use. Small size enables easy storage. Works with stock sockets found on BMW, Ducati, Aprilia, Triumph, Moto Guzzi and Victory motorcycles. Offered in a variety of lengths including a direct to battery harness.
EURO spec right side handlebar switch cluster that enables the rider to switch power on or off to the lighting system.  Can be use with either the EURO spec headlight assembly and harness or the USA spec headlight assembly.  Pinouts of the interface plug can be altered to enable different configurations of "off, on, on".  When applying this part to the SE and the SM, some alterations to the harness plug may be required.  Please keep this in mind when considering this for these applications.

Its really nice to be able to turn off the lighting system to reduce the load on the battery when times get tough. It can be a significant load on the battery to recover from flooding the engine with fuel or a failed water crossing.  Maintaining as much available power resource as possible for the task of starting can be very valuable when in remote or difficult terrain, this switch assembly allows the rider-operator to make this choice for their given situation.

*May not be legal in all states, Intended for offroad use.
Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
Strykr 10W LED EURO spec headlight BajaDesigns 8" HID
Strykr 10W LED
Our Price: $188.95
EURO spec headlight
Our Price: $236.89
Sale Price: $209.98
You save $26.91!
BajaDesigns 8" HID
Our Price: $474.95
Strykr, 10W Vehicle Light Base Kit
The vehicle base kit is designed for vehicle with a 12v DC system.  This includes the same 10w Strykr light-head that is used in our helmet and bike light systems with an adapter cord which allows the unit to accept 12v power.

This is great for a variety of vehicles and perfect for electric start Motorcycles and ATV's.

NOTE: this unit is still controlled via the switch mounted on the light-head.
EURO SPEC Headlight assembly, fits 950 ADV,  990 ADV, SD. Utilizes H7 and H3 bulbs.

Significant improvement in light throw and pattern over the USA SPEC headlight assembly when changing bulb technology.  Attempts to transition from the H4 Halogen to a "H4" HID in a USA spec assembly is generally not only a waste of effort it causes significant scatter and glare as the fixture to reflector and cutoff are all wrong. Beyond that, it gains attention of other people and in many states is not legal for on-highway vehicles.

With the H7 and H3 in the EURO spec assembly and associated fixture-reflector, staying with Halogen or installing HID bulbs becomes a better functional solution.  The light pattern and cutoff is greatly improved over the USA spec assembly ESPECIALLY when HID bulbs are fitted.  This substantially reduces the problem with glare/blinding on coming vehicles, however does not completely eliminate the issue.

High output Halogen or 35w or 50w HID bulbs are readily available.  Installing bulbs that present light at greater than 6000k for offroad is not recommended.  Generally most prefer 4200-5000k for improved offroad and rough surface definition.  Also, there is a point where too much light causes the riders eyes to not be dilated enough to clearly see into the shadows.... this is all subjective and opinions abound!  

If you are looking to improve the offroad lighting ability of your 950 or 990, mating this light fixture with a pair of quality 35w HID bulbs makes a HUGE difference in night riding comfort and range.

*May not be legal in all states, Intended for offroad use.
Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
Part #61-0011 comes with:
-Single light frame made of 1/2" Chromoly-Steel alloy.
-Complete mounting kit with receiver brackets and rubber isolated clamps. Works on all size forks.
-Generation 5 HID bulb and ballast.
-All HID components are mounted internally and protected by a strong nylon backing.
-Clear Lexan rock guard.