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Galfer Sintered-front-KTM950SM-990SD Galfer Sintered HH-front-KTM950SM-990SD KTM 690 Enduro Rear Brake lever- BILLET
This compound is our 1375 compound on a diet. It has all the great features of the G1375 compound with the exception of the ceramic coated backing plate. Looking for that perfect brake pad to do those canyon runs? This is it! Very easy on the discs and great heat recovery. This compound is available for most applications. SUPER DUKE AND SUPER MOTO!
Our 1375 compound is the result of many long days at the racetrack and on the brake dyno. Based on Advanced Ceramics, this compound is meant for the track. It offers very fast heat recovery for more consistent braking which, in turn, gives the rider more “feel”. This is the pad of choice for most aggressive street riders and racers at the top of club levels and AMA contenders. These pads are very easy on rotors since they do not have the same levels of metallics in them as many O.E.M. and after-market brands. The 1375 compound also features a ceramic-coated back plate, which helps to dissipate heat away from the brake pad and reduces the amount of heat transferred into the caliper pistons. This gives you a cooler running system that will be able to withstand more heating cycles and deliver consistent braking. Available for front calipers Supersport and Superbike applications (600cc – 1000cc)
Brake pedal for the KTM 690e/690r that replaces the stock unit that is known to bend and break easily. Our pedal is machined from billet aluminum and has a significantly larger cross section. We've also replaced the factory pivot bushings with two sealed ball bearings for a smoother action and longer life.

-The 2008-10 pedal (1016-0001) is designed to work with the '09-'10 style pivot bolt
(KTM P/N 76513057100) which is not included. This is an upgrade for '08 models so you will need the pivot bolt. You can select the "690 Brake Lever pivot" option on this page or order from your KTM dealer.

-The 2011+ pedal (1016-0002) use the stock bolt.

-Both versions of the pedal can use the stock foot pad tip. If you want a larger tip, select the "KTM Rally Factory Replica Tip" option. Please note that if you select this option it may delay your order depending on if the part is in stock at our warehouse or if we need to order from KTM. There are NO returns on this special order option!