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ADVmachines™ Jetting Packages

All our ADVmachines™ Jetting Packages are custom assembled and tested in house from true Keihin Jets – Every Jetting Package we take into production meets a need we have encountered while riding our own KTM bikes - If we don’t use it and love it, we won’t sell it.  

Current ADVmachines™ Jetting Packages and Carburetor enhancements for KTM motorcycles.
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ADVmachines™ KTM SAS Blank Plate ADVmachines™ Pre-Filter CPR Rottweiler "Dog House"
ADVmachines™ Pre-Filter
Our Price: $36.00
Sale Price: $34.00
You save $2.00!
Set of two ADVmachines™ plates to block off the SAS ports on the side of the 690/950/990/1190/RC8 engine for testing. Precision CNC Laser cut from .187 6061 aluminum.
KTM 950 and 990 intake airbox ADVmachines™ PreFilter. Comes preoiled from the factory, ready to mount to the motorcycle. Fits the Adventure, Super Enduro, Super Moto.
Note: This item ONLY works with the Rottweiler Intake Filter Installed

The eagerly anticipated "Dog House" cargo box for the ADV! Fills in the hole created when you install the Rottweiler Intake System and the bottom of your seat pan becomes the sealed lid with a perfectly formed fit.

This is a 990 fit ONLY!

It _CAN_ be made to fit a 950, however requires modification of both the frame (removal of two unused tabs) and cutting the front of the dog box to fit the CV diaphragm housing of the rear carb. It has been done, but you need to know that cutting is required to fit the 950, buyer be aware!
CPR Rottweiler "Snap Out" CPR Rottweiler Intake CPR Rottweiler Prefilter
CPR Rottweiler "Snap Out"
Our Price: $59.95
CPR Rottweiler Intake
Our Price: $299.00
CPR Rottweiler Prefilter
Our Price: $29.95
NEW!: Fits stock air-box AND 03-06 950's! 20 Second Rottweiler Filter removal! Have your glove box off in one snap. (Instead of 12 aggravating bolts) Works with stock air-box snorkel, Uni Pre-Filter or Rottweiler Intake System.  The '950' option is $10 more because there is a ECU relocation bracket included to move the ECU to clear the 'Snap Out'.
Introducing the new leader in KTM LC8 engine induction systems, The "Rottweiler Intake System" Born from the need for an induction system that utilizes a multi layer foam element on all sides of the filter including the top, not just the sides, the "Rottweiler" intake system is the most cost efficient way to substantially increase the horsepower in your KTM Adventure 990/950, Super Duke, Super Duke R, 950 Super Enduro R, 990 Super Moto R, and any KTM using the venerable LC8 fuel injected engine. Initial Dyno runs show increases of 10% over stock even with the stock exhaust on our current 2008 Super Duke model. Similar gains can be seen on any of the LC8 equipped KTM's with a proper map.The rush of power compared to stock is night and day, you won't believe the difference!
Dramatically increase filter service intervals with our pre filter skins. Available in standard 40 cell (red) or 60 cell (dark grey). The 40 is more 'coarse' foam where the 60 is more 'fine'.  Both will provide additional protection, the 60 will become 'plugged' sooner, however if running in fine silt/dust everyday we recommend the 60 provided it can be cleaned everyday.  Multiple pre oiled units can be swapped out in minutes without removing the base filter and are cleaned much easier as well.
Facet Fuel Pump Facet pump adapter plate FactoryPro Jetting Kit
Facet Fuel Pump
Our Price: $59.98
Facet pump adapter plate
Our Price: $25.50
FactoryPro Jetting Kit
Our Price: $110.95
Solid State fuel pump, replaces the KTM OEM unit that is prone to failures. This CNC milled 6061 aluminum adapter plate allows the installer to directly bolt in a Facet 40171 fuel pump in place of the OEM Mitsubishi pump on the SuperEnduro and SuperMoto tank without modifying the flanges on the Facet pump.  Requires 2 (two) 6mm x 10mm bolts, Facet pump, fuel filter, electrical connectors, pipe and/or tubing fittings to complete the conversion. The picture shown is a example of a finished installation. Factory Pro jetting kit for the KTM 950
FCR 39mm kit FCR 41mm kit FCR Throttle cable set
FCR 39mm kit
Our Price: $1,650.00
FCR Throttle cable set
Our Price: $99.98
The kits include the 2 pre-jetted FCR carbs with leak jets, Motion Pro
cables, 2 K&N air filters, K&N breather filter, intake adapters, filter
adapters, air filter o-rings and vent hose.
The kits include the 2 pre-jetted FCR carbs with leak jets, Motion Pro
cables, 2 K&N air filters, K&N breather filter, intake adapters, filter
adapters, air filter o-rings and vent hose.
Throttle cable set for the KTM 950 Keihin FCR kit.  Includes the PULL and PUSH cables, splitters and associated hardware for adjusting the cables.  This is the throttle cables ONLY.
FilterSkins FlexJet2 Float Height Gauge
Our Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $15.50
You save $1.49!
Our Price: $99.90
Float Height Gauge
Our Price: $16.00
FilterSkins are a extremely thin but durable air filter cover.  While allowing maxium air flow, and oiled FilterSkin will catch 90% of the dirt that tries to pass through the air filter.  Between races or rides, simply pulling off a dirty FilterSkin and sliding on a clean one can save you time and money on solvents and oils.  Each package comes with 3 skins.  The skins are cleanable and reuseable. Idle Mixture Fuel screw (IMS) adjustments can be a time consuming project. Once installed, R&D Flex-Jet2 makes tuning a simple and easy project. With the Flex-Jet2, Idle Mixture adjustments are now at your fingertips! If you ride from your garage elevation up or down, across a pass or out to your favorite place to ride that is 3-4k feet different, proper tuning is now quick and easy! Fits: 2003 thru Current ADVENTURER 950, SUPERMOTO 950 AND SUPER ENDURO 950

Install Documentation located here
Custom precision laser cut aluminum gauges for measuring and setting the float heights on the CV carbs fitted to the KTM 950.  Accurately measure 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm